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DTG Race Products has been dedicated in manufacturing and developing the best quality and the most reliable Safety Race Products in the Marine/Boat and Rally Racing Industries… at the most competitive prices. Today we are producing and distributing the newest lightweight SNELL SA2020 rated composite helmets for Marine/Boat and Rally in Australia, NZ and around the world.

We are the largest supplier of standard and custom safety gear to Ski, Circuit, Offshore and Jet Boat Sprint Racing in Australia and NZ and are starting to make our mark Worldwide. We plan to spread the DTG Race Products name and products to International markets.

We supply everything from Helmet/Intercom accessories, Custom Cabling, Zero Noise (ZN) Analogue and Digital amps, made in Italy. Standard Proline 2 piece Driver/Observer SFi 3-2A/1 suits, DTG Proline SFI3.3/5 Driver/Observer Boots and Gloves. DTG Race Jackets with Impact panels supporting a PFD Type 1 EN ISO 12402-5 approval. Plus a full range of Custom SFI Suits, Boots and Gloves.

We have been working on the Procomm helmets/comm for over 12 years now, coming up with the right combination of helmet design and most importantly finding the best possible communication equipment we can deliver. The clear choice is PCI Race Radio USA to develop and supply all Helmet kits in conjunction with Zero Noise (ZN) standard Analogue amps or upgrading to digital technology in the ZN Fearless Digital amp.

The new DTG Procomm lll Helmets have been the biggest investment in 2013 by DTG Race Products due to molding costs and most of all the strict Californian SNELL testing specifications. The new style DTG Race Jackets were another big investment getting the right combination of comfort and safety, again molding and testing was another big investment of 2013. The new helmets and jackets were released late 2013 and are readily available from Ski Race Suppliers in VIC, NSW, ACT, WA and QLD.

The focus from 2014 onwards was to deliver the best products possible for these demanding sports. The key for DTG Race Products is to continue to be a part of the racing scene, to make sure we develop and refine the products we have, and to listen to what our customers want and need.

The NEW DTG Procomm 4!!

Fast forward to 2021. We are proud to be the Australian authorized dealer for Tiger Performance Marine products. Hence the NEW DTG Procomm 4 SA2020. This is the most versatile helmet on the market today. From the one helmet mold, we can supply a very sleek intercom helmet for Marine and Auto Racing. Drop down to a version without the chin/mic boom to a Conventional flex boom intercom helmet and for the racers starting off on a budget, the basic open face helmet.

The partnership with Tiger Performance USA also brought the DTG Procomm 4 helmet to be able to attach the Tiger Gen 3 and NEW Gen 4 masks with no modifications to the helmet.

This also gave DTG the kick in the USA to sell our product line through Tiger Performance.

Including NEW 2021 DTG/Tiger Race Life Jackets and the DTG/Tiger Capsule Suits